Building up the base to be recognized as "Mobile Business Company"

Media Magic has done software development for various platforms. We have gained a wide-ranged programming technique from systems for a public organization to game software for public people. However, software market has been changed a lot in a few years because of a contradiction between low-priced of CD-ROMs and increasing the cost for software development in a severe competition of this market.
To meet the changeable consumers' demands

We consider the reason of this cold PC software market to be not only the influence by a recession in Japan but also mismatch of supply and demand.
It is very important for us to research what consumers need, and we always try to set flexible organization to develop software with corresponding diversification, without persisting to ordinary thoughts.
Specialize in mobile business

In past 5 years, mobile contents market has been expanded rapidly.
The attractions of this market are;
1) There already are business models, which you enable to provide pay-contents to a large number of mobile phone users.
2) Each mobile phone companies are substitute for us to collect the monthly fee.
Since October 2001, we have started mobile site called "Anime i GAINAX" on i-mode: 200yen per month. Now, there are approximate thirty thousand users have registered to the site. In March 2004, we have started the same site for EZ-web(au). Finally, we have just started the same site for Softbank in September 2005. Our goal of the total number of registered users is fifty thousand.
Producing many mobile contents.

Our objective is to launch 2 mobile sites on 3 mobile phone companies (NTT DoCoMo, au, and Softbank) every year. Not just creating and releasing many sites, we think it is very important to consider about what users want to our mobile sites.

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