Media Magic works for the advancing mobile contents business in the Japanese market.

We are experienced to offer delicate content services for the mobile phone users. We are creating the whole site; planning and developing a mobile web site, creating ring tone melodies, stand-by screens, building the server and more.

If you are interested in the content business for mobile phone, we could be partners and let Japanese mobile phone content in your country and let yours in Japan!

Please feel free to contact us.

On March 16, 2006, Media Magic Co., Ltd and a Mobile Culture, Inc. (Jason PARK: Representative director, Korea) had agreed a business tie-up as follows these below;

Mobile contents and broadband contents will be delivered for Asia, North America, and Europe. And both companies keep cooperating relation that offer the contents service of high affinity by joint development calmly in the future.

As the first project for the business mentioned above, we are planning to develop the game application to Korea in 2006.

Through this tie-up, both companies are able to enrich the lineup of the contents services, and the channels of the contents offering became possible to be expanded to overseas.

Media Magic will expand further service and the function so that the customers who are not only in Japan but also in the world may satisfy the demand for the diversification and mobile contents in the future.

Please expect our enriched content services in the future.


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