Media Magic supports you to build up one site
for mobile phone; consulting, development, maintenance, and server construction.

This is the first step to start creating
a mobile site. Our experience and technology should be helpful to realize your
images of the site!
We offer you a charging management
system using by "Kei-Tai Studio" that makes a complicated charging operation
The history of mobile phone Internet
service is not very long, but it has been making a rapid progress. Not to be left
behind, we always need to catch up Internet technology.
There are more than 100 kinds of
mobile phones. Each of them has different screen size. Stand-by screens have to
be adjusted to proper size.
"Kei-Tai Studio" is exactly what it’s
for; it makes easier to create all sizes.
Ring tone melodies are the most popular
contents of mobile site. We provide polyphonic ring tone melodies that are compatible
with all kinds of mobile phones.
Mobile application is now broadened
its possibility. However, we still have many problems such as capacity matters
and how to indicate the images.

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